Disrupting the Medical Model

We have all been there. Sitting anxiously on the exam table, our clothes folded neatly in a little pile on the vinyl chair in the corner. Hoping to be seen as an individual but often feeling reduced to a number dressed in a stiff pink paper gown. Still, we are committed to bring up the questions that make us sweat and feel vulnerable. Sometimes we leave the visit with our questions answered. Sometimes we leave with more questions than answers. Wondering, what the point of all that was.

Naturopathic Medicine has long been a disrupter of the classic western medical model. Offering longer visit times and a listening ear, a root cause approach to your concerns, and more personalized care. You have seen the power of Naturopathic Medicine.

Now it is time to shake things up even more!

Let’s deepen the disruption. Reducing the amount of bravery it takes to show up one on one with your doctor. We do this by increasing access to a community of women with similar concerns, asking (and answering) vulnerable questions, empowering each other, and transforming our own health, and health care, in the process.

This is the power of community and an empowering group health program.

Connection, shared experience, mature vulnerability, body and health literacy, and feminine empowerment. Knowing that the woman beside you in the group can move through her health concerns and so can you.

In a one on one visit with your doctor, it can be challenging to bring up, discuss, and tackle multiple obstacles to cure at once. Group health programing is a way to bring up topics that impact women’s health in a safe and supportive setting.  Helping women internalize the information for themselves, while being supported by a community, and supporting others going through a similar experience.

Connection and empowerment in medicine can create lasting health transformation. This is the future of health care. And I am here to facilitate this disruption!

I am so thrilled to be offering the powerful group health program, The Wild Collective, here in Bend! The Wild Collective is a body and health literacy and women’s empowerment group program that is changing lives all over the US and Canada. Hundreds of women have been through The Wild Collective and can attest to its transformational power.

Let’s do this together.

Sign up for our free Fall 2023 Wild Collective Info Night. Signing up will keep you in the loop regarding the program, answer any questions you might have, and put you on the invite list for our free fall information session.

It’s time to be part of the future of healthcare and reclaim your wild!  

I’ll see you in the wild.

  • Dr. Emily Livengood

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