Feed Your Brain

Your Gut + Brain Connection

Improve your gut health and boost your brain function!

Give your brain a boost.

Curious what a class looks like?

Watch this clip from class #2 of Feed Your Brain.

Feed Your Brain includes:

  • 3 online, self-paced video modules.
    • Each video is about 15 minutes in length and can be watched as many times as you would like.
    • During the video modules, we dive deep into the gut/brain connection, share ways to improve this connection, and give you tips to reduce inflammation, improve energy, and boost brain health.
  • The video module topics include:
    • The Gut/Brain Connection – What it is and why it matters.
    • Gut Support – Approaches to reducing GI inflammation and improving mitochondrial (energy) function.
    • Brain Support – Brain enhancement activities and supplement support.
  • You also get the following bonus handouts: Optimize Nutrition, Brain Enhancements, and Brain Supplement Support.

Is this class right for you?

Next Steps

Learn about how to improve your gut health and boost your brain function.

  • First, watch the above video and see if Feed Your Brain is right for you.
  • Next, go ahead and click on the Purchase button and this will take you to the class website for secure check out.
  • Finally, after you purchase the course, you can get started right away and learn how to give your brain a boost!

Dr. Emily Livengood, ND

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I believe empowering women to care for their health allows them to unlock their full potential and act on their life’s purpose.

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