The Energy Reset

Feel Revitalized.

You are tired of feeling tired.

Boost your energy and improve your health TODAY with The Energy Reset.

The Energy Reset is full of tips Dr. Livengood wishes every tired person knew!

Curious what a class looks like?

Watch this clip from class #2 of The Energy Reset.

The Energy Reset includes:

  • 5 online, self-paced video modules diving into the core preventative and functional medicine concepts.
    • Each video is 10-15 minutes in length and can be watched as many times as you would like.
    • During each video module, we dig deep into ways to get you better health, share energy boosting tips, and start achievable action items that can improve your health that day.
  • The video module topics include:
    • The Jumpstart – Water, Caffeine, and Alcohol
    • Nourishing Food – The importance of anti-inflammatory foods and why protein matters.
    • Rest and Reset – The stress and sleep connection.
    • Movement – It is about more than just exercise.
    • Breath and Mindset – Empowering you to make lasting improvements in your health.
    • Amplify – How to up level the results you are already experiencing.
  • You also get The Energy Reset workbook. The workbook includes an energy self assessment, a goal setting exercise, and notes that accompany each video module.
  • The following bonus handouts are also included: Anti-inflammatory Foods, Protein and Brain Function, and Healthy Sleep Habits
  • You also get access the the Breakthrough Breathing Technique. A technique used to lower your stress response fast!

Is this class right for you?

  • Getting started…is hard. I’m glad you’re here!
  • If you haven’t had a one on one appointment with Dr. Livengood, The Energy Reset is your starting place. The class will help you feel better today and jumpstart your health transformation. The Energy Reset also adds incredible value to your first in-person visit with Dr. Livengood as you have already started your health transformation.
  • If you recently started working with Dr. Livengood fantastic! This class supports the foundational pieces you are actively working on and will speed up your process.
  • If your foundations of health are strong and supporting your health transformation – well done! Share this class with your friends!

Next Steps

Get access to the tips and action items Dr. Livengood wishes every tired person knew.

  • First, watch the above video and see if The Energy Reset is right for you.
  • Next, go ahead and click on the Purchase button and this will take you to the class website for secure check out.
  • Finally, after you purchase the course, you can get started right away on module #1!

Dr. Emily Livengood, ND

I help driven women shift from a place of overwhelm and exhaustion to one of resilience and abundance.

I believe empowering women to care for their health allows them to unlock their full potential and act on their life’s purpose.

I look forward to meeting you wherever you are on your journey and supporting your health transformation.

Questions about what working together one-on-one looks like? Book a free discovery call with Dr. Livengood and get your questions answered.

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