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The Jumpstart Includes:

  • High value, less than 15 minute, video mini course delivering action items you can take TODAY to improve your energy and boost your health.
  • Dr. Livengood’s top 3 health tips include: a way to change your energy level today, strategies to help your gut boost your brain power, a quick way to tap back into your creative energy.
  • Plus – Diving into The Jumpstart mini course adds you to our e-newsletter list where we share even more health tips on ways to reclaim your energy!
  • Bonus – Signing up for The Jumpstart also gets you access to our Breakthrough Breathing Technique. A quick and effective way to lower your stress response in the moment.

Is The Jumpstart Right For You?

  • Getting started… is hard. I’m glad you’re here!
  • The Jumpstart is your launchpad towards better health. Giving you achievable action items to get your health transformation started.
  • The Jumpstart mini course gives you a taste of the way we help uplevel your health in all our online classes – The Energy Reset, Feed Your Brain, and Clean It Up!.

Next Steps

  • First, go ahead and sign up for access to The Jumpstart by adding your first name and email address in the sign up box above.
  • Then, after signing up, check your inbox for access to The Jumpstart mini course. Make sure to move emails from Rainwood Integrative Medicine into your primary inbox so you don’t miss out on anything!
  • Lastly, bask in the glow of taking action to improve your health and boost your energy! Let’s get started!

Accelerate your health transformation with a Jumpstart!

Dr. Emily Livengood, ND

I help driven women shift from a place of overwhelm and exhaustion to one of resilience and abundance.

I believe when women are empowered to improve their health they can then unlock their full potential and act on their life’s purpose.

I’m so glad you are here. Let’s get started!

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