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What Is The Wild Collective?

The Wild Collective is a group health education program changing lives all over North America. Made up of a supportive community of like-minded women, this program will help ignite passion and purpose into your life. 

Learning about feminine power from a health perspective will increase awareness and allow you to tap into and be closely connected to your inner voice and intuition.  

You will learn how to discover, cultivate and become your power. How everything you need to thrive has been within you all along. We will help you understand how the divine feminine is the key to unlocking this power within.

Topics We Cover During The Wild Collective Program:

My Menstrual Cycle

My Detoxification

My Digestion and Microbiome

My Thyroid

My Vision

My Sleep and Stress

My Brain and Mood

My Breasts and Vagina

My Blood Sugar Regulation

Our Divine Feminine

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The Wild Collective

Body Literacy

A foundational women’s health curriculum. Feel empowered and learn to self advocate with health professionals.

Feminine Empowerment

Cultivate a sense of freedom by understanding your body and tapping into your intuition.


A collection of like-minded women who meet monthly to support and learn from each other. 

Wild Woman

“Cause women to remember who they are and what they are about.” – Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Author, ‘Women Who Run With The Wolves’

Meet Your Facilitator

Dr. Emily Livengood, ND

Stepping fully into the wild.

I had suppressed my voice for ages. For a long time it felt like a superpower. Silently holding space for others. Keeping the peace. I learned that my appearance of external calm reassured others and I was praised for being ‘good,’ easy, agreeable, and level headed. Which of course morphed into perfectionism.

But inside. I burned.

My desire for authentic self-expression was strong but acting on it – uncomfortable. Drawing attention to myself, by just being me, felt vulnerable and needy. And I wanted to, and had learned to, be seen as strong and having it all together. Growing up, I was surrounded by people doing the same thing. Playing it safe, keeping it all together, and I now wonder if inside they too burned?

So, I began to segment myself. The perfectionist, wound tight, holding it all together. All while the creative, fluid expressive version of myself desperately wanted out. There was a core burning desire to be my true self. But I had no idea who that even was because I had never allowed her to develop.

So I began to explore the edge spaces. The spaces, in the study of ecology, where human impact and wildness collide. I wanted to know who and what survived and thrived in those spaces – half wild. I was, of course, looking for a way to thrive in my edge space – authentic but safe/controlled. I tried on many roles while exploring the edge – logging/spotted owl researcher, wildlife rehabilitator in urban spaces, and ultimately trying to be a primary care doctor who was also a naturopathic doctor. Never fully choosing a side. Always compromising just a little – but why?

Then, I was shaken out of the edge space and fully into the wild by the loss of an important person in my life. What was I afraid of, always standing on the edge? Half in and half looking for an escape in-case I revealed too much about my ‘true self’ and people didn’t like what they saw. Was the compromise worth it?

I decided to change my path, my trajectory.

I cultivated a community of genuinely supportive women. Women who hold me up, help me live in alignment with my core values and help me embrace my wild woman. As a result, I am braver and healthier than I thought possible. And life is richer and much more fun!

My story is the reason I am bringing The Wild Collective to Bend.

When we are empowered to step into our authentic selves we thrive, we have a drive to create, we pull other women up, we disrupt, we change. I know that if women understand and trust their bodies, and each other, then we can better step into our chosen roles in life or be empowered to completely change course.

I hope you’ll JOIN ME in the wild!

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Discover. Cultivate. Become Your Power.

Learn how everything you need to thrive has been with you all along.

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