Our Process

In Person Care

Your Creative Change Journey

Step 1

Strong Foundation

Understand your health story and goals.

Start your health transformation with a free 15-minute Discovery Call. Speak directly with Dr. Livengood and learn how we put our Creative Change Method to work for you.

Ready to dive into one on one care? Our New Patient Appointment is your next step. In this appointment, we dive into your concerns, begin to strengthen your foundations of health, and order initial laboratory testing. This is the start of your Creative Change journey.

Step 2

Move Beyond Burnout

Your personalized Creative Change Method health plan.

Prior to your second visit, your custom Creative Change Method health transformation plan is developed by Dr. Livengood.

At your second visit, we review your laboratory data and begin your Creative Change Phases of Care. (See below for the details of each phase of care.)

Step 3

Lasting Change

Re-connecting with your creative spark.

As you move through your unique Creative Change health plan, we schedule Momentum and Coaching visits to support your transformation.

Once you have moved beyond fine, we help you maintain your creative energy via online classes, in-person programs, and lifestyle counseling and coaching.

The Creative Change Method

Phases of Care

The four Creative Change Phases of Care that move you beyond burnout:

Stress Management
Stress management approaches and creative outlets create a foundation for optimizing both your physical and mental health. We tap into breathwork techniques and work to access your creative flow states to open opportunities to focus on other areas of your health. 
Gut and Environmental Health
Optimizing your gut health, detoxification pathways, and reducing or eliminating environmental exposures, helps to improve nutrient absorption, boost metabolism, and enhance your digestive health. 

Energy and Hormones
Managing your endocrine system – the thyroid, adrenal, and sex hormones – is vital for stress management. A balanced endocrine system also helps to optimize energy production and support weight management, PMS, libido, and menopausal symptoms.

Mindset and Creativity
Mindset work and tapping into your creative flow states optimize brain health and improve cognition. We work to access your unique creative energy, allowing you to fully live life on your terms.

In-Person Services

The tools we use as we move you beyond burnout:

Lifestyle Counseling and Coaching
Identifying and supporting measurable goals to transform your health.

Making lasting behavior and lifestyle changes can re-energize your life. We work together to strengthen your foundations of health. Our lifestyle check-in visits help keep you motived and accountable.

Functional Laboratory Testing
Analysis and interpretation of your unique bio-markers.

In addition to utilizing standard laboratory testing, we partner with specialty labs to offer greater insight into your body’s function. We offer comprehensive salivary hormone testing, food sensitivity testing, gut/microbiome stool analysis, environmental toxicity testing, advanced cardiometabolic testing, micronutrient testing, and mycotoxin testing.

Creativity as Medicine
Manage your stress, and take control of your transformational journey.

Gain greater awareness of your own body and mind by accessing your creative genius, using guided breathwork and meditation, and the HeartMath biofeedback technique.

Herbal Medicine and Supplementation
Maintain and improve your health, naturally.

We integrate western herbal medicine and nutritional supplementation to optimize your health as well as prevent and treat illness.

Gut Health
Optimizing your gut health to bring balance to your body.

Nourishing food is critical to breaking through burnout. Our gut health and nutrition support services include identifying food sensitivities, improving nutrient absorption, and individualized goal setting.

Hormone Support
Optimizing your hormone production.

Managing your endocrine system is vital to your health. We work together to optimize your thyroid, adrenal, and hormone production. Ensuring you can achieve your energy, vitality, weight, and stress management goals. We prescribe thyroid medication and bio-identical hormone therapy when indicated.

Treating the cause of your symptoms.

The symptoms of stress, fatigue, burnout and chronic depletion can show up throughout your body. Our online classes, in-person programs, and the Creative Change Method aims to treat the root cause of your symptoms. We help transform fatigue, insomnia, weight gain, and brain fog. Manage anxiety and overwhelm. Treat hypothyroid, Hashimoto’s, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and other gut concerns. We also provide support for hormone imbalance, premenstrual tension syndrome (PMS), hot flashes and night sweats, and low libido.

In addition to standard laboratory testing, we utilize functional laboratory testing to help inform your treatment options. Labs that we partner with include: DiagnosTechs, Doctors Data, Genova Diagnostics, Great Plains Labs, SIBO Center, US BioTek, and ZRT Labs.

We also partner with the supplement wholesaler Fullscript to help you get the supplements you need when you need them.

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