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The Energy Reset

There is a better solution for burnout and fatigue than leaning on caffeine, sugar, sleep medications and anti-depressants. This online class is full of tips Dr. Livengood wishes every tired person knew.

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Feed Your Brain

The Gut/Brain Connection. The health of your gut can impact how well your brain functions! You will learn what the gut/brain connection is and why it matters. How to improve the health of your gut. And tips to reduce inflammation, improve energy, and boost brain health.

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Clean It Up!

Your body is impacted by everything you are exposed to. From the pesticides on your food, the parabens in your shampoo, to the exhaust from your car. Your body decides what is helpful, what is harmful, and how to deal with all of it. In this class, we dive into what detoxification is, how to reduce your toxin exposure, and ways to boost your detox pathways.

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