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Fuel and Fire

Move Beyond Burnout! Our Fuel and Fire course exists in order to get you out of your burned out, numb state.
We tap back into and embrace the power and magic of your body. Boosting your energy. Identifying your priorities. And reclaiming your spark. Click here for all the details!

FREE Meditations with Dr. Livengood

Press Play. Breathe. Relax.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Muscle tension tamer.


For deep relaxation and better sleep!

Breath Meditation

Let’s start our day together.

Heart Centered Meditation

Shift your emotional state.

Getting Started

  • Ready to dive in and make some radical changes in your health? Then Fuel and Fire is your next step!
    • Click on the Purchase button and this will take you to the course website for secure checkout.
    • After you purchase your class or classes, you can get started right away on Module #1 – The Balance of Power.

Lastly, get up and do a victory lap around your living room! You took massive action toward transforming your health. Let’s get started.

Questions about what working together one-on-one looks like? Book a free discovery call with Dr. Livengood and get your questions answered.

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