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We are out of network providers for all Oregon insurance companies. Your visit fee is due at the time of service and we accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. We are happy to provide you with a invoice (also referred to as a superbill) that you can submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement.

Fee Schedule

New Patient Visit: $350 During your New Patient Visit we will discuss your concerns, motivations, goals and health history, order any initial diagnostic testing and start the foundational steps of your healing journey. Up to 60 minutes.

Strategy Visit: $275 At your Strategy Visit we review the phases of your custom Fatigue Fix care plan, discuss initial lab results and get you started on the first phase of your transformation. Up to 60 minutes.

Momentum Visit: $250 Momentum Visits are designed to launch you into your next phase of healing. Up to 40 minutes.

Coaching Visit or Acute Visit: $205 Coaching Visits help keep you motivated and on track during your health optimization journey. Acute Visits are for a brief acute need. Up to 30 minutes.

Biofeedback Visit: $180 This specialty visit focuses on integrating mind/body biofeedback and breathwork techniques into your Fatigue Fix care plan. Up to 40 minutes.

Phone Consult up to 15 minutes: $90 This quick phone call is for brief clarifying questions on an ongoing treatment plan.

Phone Consult from 15-30 minutes: $180 This longer call is for more complex clarifying questions on an ongoing treatment plan.

Forms/Letters Completed Outside of an Office Visit: $35

How Long Will We Work Together

Transformation in health care is about finding the root cause of your concern and implementing strategy that improves your health for the long term. Transactional health care is the model that simply treats your symptoms in the moment but not necessarily the cause of your symptoms. You are looking for more than just transactional care.

Your Fatigue Fix journey begins with 4 visits. Your initial intake visit, your Strategy visit (appointment #2), and 2 Momentum visits. After your initial 4 visits, additional Momentum and Coaching visits are scheduled as needed.

Once you have moved beyond ‘fine,’ we help you maintain your energy via our group health program The Wild Collective, online classes, in-person programs, and ongoing lifestyle counseling and coaching.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your appointment, please contact us 24 hours in advance to avoid a $50 cancellation fee.

Can I use my Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending account to cover the cost of visits?

Yes. Both an HSA and FSA can be used to cover the cost of your visit. Supplements are often not eligible expenses for these accounts but check with your plan.

Can I use my insurance to cover the cost of lab work?

We work with laboratories that can bill your insurance directly to cover the cost of most lab work. We will discuss your best options for coverage prior to ordering any lab work.

New Patient Forms

You will receive a link via your email to complete your new patient forms once you schedule your first appointment. All forms can be accessed and completed using our electronic health record CHARM.

Using your CHARM Electronic Health Record (EHR)

You can access your CHARM account via the CHARM Patient Login button on the top menu bar of this website. Once logged into your CHARM account, you can log into telemedicine appointments and access your past visit notes and lab results.

Purchasing Supplements through Fullscript

SAVE 10% off retail purchasing supplements through Fullscript. Fullscript is a physician grade supplement wholesaler and our partner in getting you the highest quality supplements as efficiently as possible.

Purchasing an Austin Air Filter

We have partnered with Austin Air to get one of the highest quality portable air filters into your hands for both wildfire season and cold and flu season. Check out our blog post Wildfires and Air Quality for purchasing details.

Can you be my Primary Care Provider?

We are specialists focusing our care on the impacts of fatigue, stress, and burnout on your body and your mind. As a result, we do not function as primary care doctors.

I live outside of Oregon. Can we still work together?

We are licensed to see patients in-person or via telemedicine who reside in the state of Oregon. If you live outside of the state of Oregon we are not currently able to work together in-person.

However, check out our online classes. Where anyone can get access to health care tips Dr. Livengood wishes everyone knew!

Can our visits be via telemedicine?

Yes. We offer both in-person and telemedicine visits. At this time we can only offer telemedicine visits to patients who currently live in the state of Oregon.

Is there a way to connect after hours?

We do not have an after hours phone line as we do not function as primary care physicians. If you are experiencing a medical emergency please call 911 or go to your local emergency department.

Can Dr. Livengood come speak at my event?

Yes! Dr. Livengood regularly speaks about the power of transforming your health.

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