Filling the gap in women’s healthcare.

We help women who have been told everything is fine but don’t feel fine!

Ways to Work Together

Online Course

Fuel and FireFuel your Life – Reclaim your Fire. Fuel and Fire is your guide to bouncing back! This self-paced, online program is full of the tools you need to calm your nervous system, prioritize your life, and reclaim your spark.

Group Health Program

The Wild Collective. Our in-person women’s group health and empowerment program that is changing lives all over North America. Equal parts body literacy, community, and feminine empowerment.

Get on the Waitlist for our Spring 2024 Wild Collective! We start again in February.

The Fatigue Fix Method. One-on-one care with Dr. Livengood moving you through our Fatigue Fix phases of care. Treating the causes of your unique concerns so that you can feel better than just fine. Learn more about our Fatigue Fix Method.

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Common Questions

At Rainwood Integrative Medicine we are licensed to see patients who live in the state of Oregon both in person and via telemedicine. We are specialists that focus our care on the impacts of stress, fatigue, and burnout on your body and mind. We do not provide primary care services.

Rainwood Integrative Medicine is an out of network provider for all Oregon insurance companies. Your visit fee is due at the time of service. We can provide a detailed invoice that you can submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement.

Dr. Emily Livengood, ND

I help re-energize tired women so they can lead creative and impactful lives.

I know that when women understand, trust, and support their bodies they can better step into their chosen rolls in life or be empowered to completely change course.

My goal is to be a part of a community of wild, wise, women who know and trust themselves and as a result lift other women up with them.

I look forward to meeting you wherever you are on your journey!

I had been struggling for years. I was stressed to the max, burned out, and frustrated. My health was suffering and I was ready to make changes. To take charge of my life!

When I began working with Dr. Livengood she spent a great deal of time really understanding me. Understanding my stressors, my anxiety, and my current health. We worked collaboratively to develop a plan to transform my life. And more importantly, she has been with me through each step.

– Julie S.

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