Wildfires and Air Quality

forest on fire

Part of me loves the summer heat. The time of year I finally feel warm, relish swimming in our rivers and lakes, and eat most of my meals outside.

The summer also has me mentally preparing for what has become our wildfire season. While many of us don’t really want to spend time, money or energy preparing for the potential impacts of a wildfire, it is important to take care of our health when we are exposed to wildfire smoke.

Wildfire Season Preparation

  1. Make a plan. https://www.ready.gov/wildfires
  2. Watch for air quality alerts. https://www.airnow.gov/?city=Bend&state=OR&country=USA
  3. Run an air filter when exposed to wildfire smoke. https://austinair.com/the-best-air-purifier-for-wildfires/

If your home does not have a high quality air filtration system built in that can filter out smoke particles, strongly consider running a portable air filter in your home with your windows closed.

We have partnered with Austin Air filters to help get one of the highest quality filters available into your hands. Through this partnership, we are able to give you 10% off the retail price of Austin Air’s full line of filters PLUS free shipping.

Running a high quality air filter inside your closed home when it is smoky outside can decrease respiratory irritation and asthma events, eye and throat irritation, and reduce exposure to the toxic chemicals in smoke. We recommend considering Austin Air’s Health Mate Plus model to help filter out smoke particulates. https://austinair.com/air-concerns/smoke/

This 10% off discount is available for everyone – patients, friends, family members. I want everyone to breathe healthy air during wildfire season!

The Details

  • Check out this comparison between all of the Austin Air filter models:
  • Pricing Guide for Rainwood Integrative Medicine
    • HealthMate: $643.59 plus free shipping (Retail: $715 plus $40 shipping)
    • HealthMate Plus: $769.50 plus free shipping (Retail: $855 plus $40 shipping)
    • Allergy Machine: $688.59 plus free shipping (Retail: $765 plus $40 shipping)
    • The Bedroom Machine: $895.50 plus free shipping (Retail: $995 plus $40 shipping)
  • How to order your filter:
    • Call Rainwood Medicine and we will place your order for you over the phone. If you are a Rainwood Integrative Medicine patient, we can run the credit card you have on file for your air filter.

Well done doing what you can to reduce the health impacts of wildfire smoke. Now go enjoy whatever it is you love most about summer!

  • Dr. Emily Livengood
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