Fuel and Fire

Fuel Your Life – Reclaim Your Fire

Boost your Energy. Live your Priorities. Reclaim your Spark.

Move Beyond Burnout

Fuel and Fire – INTRODUCTION

Curious what the Fuel and Fire course is like?

Watch this clip to get a taste.

Fuel and Fire includes:

  • 5 online, self-paced video modules designed to re-energize you so you can craft your one beautiful life.
    • During each video module, we dig deep into ways to fuel your body and tap into your unique spark. Giving you the energy to live life by your design.
  • The video module topics include:
    • The Balance of Power – Form and flow. Resetting our nervous system. And, dealing with energy vampires.
    • Fuel – The ingredients your body and brain need to function optimally.
    • Renewable Resources – Creating abundant and renewable energy.
    • Surrender – Radical rest, the divine feminine and some fun!
    • Fire – Identifying and prioritizing your priorities.
  • Additional handouts and exercises are included to support your process.
  • BONUS – You also get access the the Breakthrough Breathing Technique.

Reclaim Your Fire!

  • I’m guessing you are here because you realize you have lost something. Your energy. Your spark. Your fire.
  • If you have realized that you lost it – then I’m pretty sure you know you want it back.   Let’s go get it!  
  • This Fuel and Fire program is here to get you out of your burned out, numb state! We are going to tap back into and embrace the power and magic of your body. Fueling your body. Calming your nervous system. Prioritizing your life.

Getting Started

  • First, watch the above video to learn more about Fuel and Fire.
  • Then, go ahead and click on the Purchase button and this will take you to the class website for secure check out.
  • Lastly, after you purchase the course, get started right away on Module #1 – The Balance of Power!

Dr. Emily Livengood, ND

I help re-energize tired women so they can lead creative and impactful lives.

I believe when women are empowered to improve their health they can then unlock their full potential and act on their life’s purpose.

I look forward to meeting you wherever you are on your journey and supporting your health transformation.

Questions about what working together one-on-one looks like? Book a free discovery call with Dr. Livengood and get your questions answered.

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