The Insurance System is Broken

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Health Insurance is so important in so many situations. It allows us to cover the cost of expensive acute care – that midnight trip to the Emergency Room. It also typically covers the cost of screening exams – Pap smears and well child visits for example.

It also has its problems.

It is not designed to help us make lasting changes in our health. The insurance model hamstrings doctors and patients striving for root cause, transformational health care. Expensive plans with high deductibles. Short visits that rarely allow time to tackle complex concerns. Insurance codes dictating what can be accomplished in a visit or what is considered preventative care. Very poor reimbursement for naturopathic doctors (ND)- sometimes 50% less than what insurance reimburses an MD for the exact same level and complexity of care.

Perhaps there is a better way.

Using insurance for what it is good for – acute care and screening exams. And moving transformational care out of the insurance model so that long term health improvement is possible. The patient is given the time and attention they deserve. The provider can take the time to be present and truly listen and think deeply. No longer having to stack back-to-back short appointment just to cover the cost of their overhead.

Moving away from a model of care driven by insurance that doesn’t appear to be benefiting anyone but the insurance companies. This is the leap Rainwood Integrative Medicine is taking. We simply don’t fit in the health insurance system. Transformational care is a commitment to long term lasting change. A commitment from both the patient and the provider. An investment in your health that actually makes lasting change.

Let’s shake up the system. If you are ready to get started, make a Free Discovery Call or book an appointment.

  • Dr. Emily Livengood
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