Disrupting the Medical Model

We have all been there. Sitting anxiously on the exam table, our clothes folded neatly in a little pile on the vinyl chair in the corner. Hoping to be seen as an individual but often feeling reduced to a number dressed in a stiff pink paper gown. Still, we are committed to bring up theContinue reading “Disrupting the Medical Model”

Not all supplements are created equal.

The supplement industry can be confusing. Labels tricky to read and understand. Source material challenging to track. And worst of all, the supplement may not always contain what the label says is in it. How is any consumer to know what supplements are actually health promoting and worth their money! Third-party tested, physician grade supplements,Continue reading “Not all supplements are created equal.”

Do you have a HEALTH mindset?

The thing about health is that you’ll never completely reach your goals with nourishing food and movement alone. The other huge piece of the puzzle is mindset. Aligning the beliefs that guide your thoughts, feelings, and actions with HEALTH and what you do want is what propels you towards your health goals. Focusing on what weContinue reading “Do you have a HEALTH mindset?”

Creativity Prescription

Creativity is about more than making art, singing, writing, cooking, acting, or dancing.  And it is not just for the Talented. Creativity is about process. The process of trying, failing, refining and trying again. A process that breeds more creativity, more ideas, more innovative solutions. Engaging your creative brain can make lasting positive changes inContinue reading “Creativity Prescription”

How Stress Impacts Thyroid Function

Thyroid hormone is one of the most misunderstood hormones. It is so misunderstood that as many as 60% of people who have a thyroid issue don’t even know it.   Your thyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped organ at the base of your neck. It releases thyroid hormone, which regulates your metabolism, energy levels, brain function, andContinue reading “How Stress Impacts Thyroid Function”

Transformational Care is different than Transactional Care.

The difference between the two can be summarized as resolution of the problem (transformational care) vs. symptom management (transactional care). Transformational care identifies the root cause of the problem and gives you the tools to shift the trajectory of your health. Transactional care manages the symptoms that walk in the door. Transactional care can beContinue reading “Transformational Care is different than Transactional Care.”