Transformational Care is different than Transactional Care.

The difference between the two can be summarized as resolution of the problem (transformational care) vs. symptom management (transactional care). Transformational care identifies the root cause of the problem and gives you the tools to shift the trajectory of your health. Transactional care manages the symptoms that walk in the door.

Transactional care can be very helpful when, for example, you have a urinary tract infection. You want to treat the infection and move on with your life.

Transformational care addresses why you keep getting urinary tract infections so that you can stop getting the infection in the first place!

There is a time and place for transactional care.  By all means, treat the urinary tract infection. If you break your leg, go to the emergency room!

However, transformational care is the key to accessing better health, throughout your life.

Shifting the trajectory of your health gives you back your energy, vitality, and clarity. Perhaps this sounds familiar:  Life’s demands have intensified and sleep and regular, nourishing meals both become scarce.  Coffee in the morning becomes more than a ritual but a need in order to cope with the constant brain fog and fatigue.  A donut in the midmorning and a sweet snack in the afternoon keep you pushing through but you are so tired by the afternoon that exercise or even a walk around the block don’t physically seem possible.  Your mood may hover around being irritable most of the time and poor attention and memory begin to impact your work flow.  You begin to find that you catch every cold going around.  You may ask yourself what happened?  When did I last feel good or feel like myself?

You need a plan.

Someone to identify the root cause or causes of your struggles, shift your trajectory, and help you maintain positive momentum. This is what we do at Rainwood Integrative Medicine. Our focus is transformational medicine.

We have combined the best of naturopathic, lifestyle, and functional medicine into our unique Breakthrough Method to transform your health. The Breakthrough Method is made up of four phases:  Mindset and Stress Management, Gut and Environmental Health, Energy, Metabolism, and Hormones, and lastly Brain Health. Each phase is customized to your unique healthcare needs.

You are ready for more than simply transactional care. It is time for transformation.

You can read all about our process on our About page. If you are ready to get started, make a Free Discovery Call or book an appointment.

I look forward to meeting you wherever you are on your health journey!

  • Dr. Emily Livengood
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