Do you have a HEALTH mindset?

The thing about health is that you’ll never completely reach your goals with nourishing food and movement alone. The other huge piece of the puzzle is mindset.

Aligning the beliefs that guide your thoughts, feelings, and actions with HEALTH and what you do want is what propels you towards your health goals. Focusing on what we don’t want keeps us stuck. Repeating unhealthy habits that move us further from our actual desires.

So, how can we create and cultivate a mindset for health? Here are a few ideas:

  1. Envision what you want. What is it that you are trying to achieve? Is it better sleep? More energy? Calmer mood? Take the time to clearly envision what you desire. You can write, journal, draw, or talk with a friend—whatever helps you gain clarity.
  2. Recognize why you want it. Why do you want to achieve that goal? Is it so you can have the energy to play with your kids? So you have the confidence to start your own business? So you have the mental space to be present with your partner? No matter how badly you think you want to achieve something, you will have a hard time sticking with your plan unless you are rooted in WHY you want it. 
  3. Focus on what you can control. Not everything that affects your health is within your control. We all have a family history and events that shaped our past. Now it’s time to look at what things you do have control over and can change. Focus your attention there. 
  4. Take imperfect action. Taking action on the things you can control, and will move you towards your health goals, is always more helpful than doing nothing at all. Don’t wait until the perfect time. Don’t wait until you have the money. Don’t wait until you know exactly what supplements to take. Act now and modify later. Looking for a jumpstart? My FREE online mini course The Jumpstart is a powerful first step.
  5. Celebrate small wins. Even if all you have done is the first item on this list, that is a huge reason to celebrate. Every tiny step you take toward creating a health mindset is a win for you because it’s moving you closer to your desired outcome. 

Shifting your mindset is not necessarily an easy thing to do. We often have beliefs and feelings that are deeply ingrained in our being.

However, when you gain an awareness of your beliefs and consciously work to cultivate a mindset of health, you can experience lifelong benefits. 

Let’s focus on your HEALTH goals. How you want to feel and why you want to feel that way. I’ll help you get there! Book an appointment today and start focusing on your health.

  • Dr. Emily Livengood
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