Not all supplements are created equal.

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The supplement industry can be confusing. Labels tricky to read and understand. Source material challenging to track. And worst of all, the supplement may not always contain what the label says is in it.

How is any consumer to know what supplements are actually health promoting and worth their money!

Third-party tested, physician grade supplements, from highly vetted companies can help bridge this gap.

The Details:

Evidence-based Formulas

The forms and dosages of the ingredients used to create a supplement play a large roll in determining its efficacy. High quality supplement formulating is guided by evidence-based science. Unfortunately, many supplement companies use poorly absorbed, or utilized, forms of nutrients in their blends often at dosages that offer little therapeutic benefit. This offers cost savings to the company but little to no health benefit to the consumer.

Third-party Testing

The FDA does not test supplements for safety or efficacy. It is up to the supplement manufacturer to show that their products are safe an effective. Which of course creates a situation ripe with problems.

High quality supplement manufacturers will voluntarily pay for 3rd-party testing to confirm the presence and potency of their ingredients and confirm the lack of any contaminants. Voluntary third-party certifications include the USP Verified Mark, Consumer Labs, UL, and International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS).

High Quality Manufacturing Standards

The FDA requires companies follow current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs). However, there is no cGMPs certification process. High quality supplement manufactures will go above and beyond the required cGMPs with voluntary 3rd-party certification of their manufacturing process via companies such as NSF International and NPA (Natural Products Association).


Supply chain matters. Unfortunately, counterfeit supplements are often sold via retailers such as Amazon. Purchasing high quality supplements from a well vetted, professional producer and supplier with a small supply chain is so important.

So now what?

High quality supplement can have a real health benefit. Confidence that you are actually purchasing a good product can be tricky.

We have partnered with supplement distributor Fullscript to help eliminate the guesswork. Fullscript only carries high quality, 3rd-party tested, physician grade supplements.

Follow the Fullscript link below to set up your account through Rainwood Integrative Medicine and automatically receive 10% off all your supplement needs.

Please be aware that clicking the link does not establish a doctor-patient relationship. I am unable to give you advice about dosing or treatment unless you are already a patient.

At Rainwood Integrative Medicine we aim to reduce the complexities around the supplement industry to help you optimize your health. Book an appointment today and get your supplement questions answered.

  • Dr. Emily Livengood

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