Fuel and Fire

To be clear, I help exhausted (even burned out) women reclaim their energy so they can lead creative and impactful lives.  

Which sounds a lot like giving you the energy to pursue and live your purpose. No Pressure.

What does finding your purpose even mean? Is it one thing? What if I live my whole life and never find that one purpose? Is purpose just an oversold dream that’s creating anxiety?  

Being told to find your purpose sounds a lot like a roundabout way women are being told to work harder, perform better, produce more – a perfect recipe to burnout in just another realm of life. Ugggg – And I thought living my purpose was supposed to be the answer to my burnout!  

I often hear women say, ‘I’m so far down the rabbit hole of fatigue and overwhelm, I don’t even know what I like or want anymore!’ So, purpose is just some unreachable, anxiety producing, thing.  

What if we switch the narrative to something less rigid. With less meaning attached. Something that once found, can change, and isn’t expected to fix all our problems and poof life is all figured out.  

What if we shift the conversation from purpose to priorities? Identifying our priorities. Recognizing that they change in various phases of life.  Understanding why they matter to us. And, how focusing on our priorities might just be the gateway to actually leading our uniquely creative and impactful life.  

If you’re fried. Functioning in a burned out, numb to life, exhausted state. Trying to live your purpose can feel like a joke.  

What if instead we throw you a life raft so you can focus first on just getting your head above water. And then, help you intentionally shift your priorities so you can start swimming towards shore.  

Once you are on the beach, you can finally look up. Take a breath. Look around. Shift your priorities again and realize that life is different now. You’re recovering from your overwhelmed, hyperfunctioning state. You might even remember what fun is and what you actually enjoy doing.  

With some help, and an intentional shift in your priorities, things are different. You are different. Your life is different. And some might say, you are living more aligned with what currently lights you up. (You’re exploring your current purpose.)  

Let’s get you swimming towards that beautiful beach.   Fuel and Fire is our online course that takes you from burned out and numb to your life to identifying your priorities and reclaiming your spark.  

I’ve got you.  

Sign up. Press Play. Shift your priorities.

  • Dr. Emily Livengood
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